Review: The Sheraton Melbourne Hotel offers a contemporary flair to their Parisian Afternoon High Tea

High tea, often synonymous with indulgent, luxurious and grand, is now a more contemporary affair at The Sheraton Melbourne Hotel. Affectionately (and appropriately) located at the ‘Paris end’ of Little Collins Street, the hotel’s newly launched Parisian Afternoon High Tea is the newest destination for a fashionable luncheon with friends and family.

Hosted in the Little Collins Street Kitchen on level one, a limitless Afternoon Tea Buffet is offered on weekends and Afternoon Tea Stands during the weekdays. An array of La Maison Du Thé loose-leaf tea is available, featured in elegantly designed Guy Degrenne teapots to admire. Coffee options are also on hand, along with a glass of sparkling wine, non-vintage Champagne Bollinger or Rosé as a ‘bubble’ offering upon arrival.

Two sides of the space are lined with large windows, allowing a veil of natural light to envelop the room. Along with the white furniture, the room takes a refined French vibe with a contemporary flair of metal and glass trimmings of cabinet casings showcasing pastel green vases and various shapes of teaware. Paired with a rose coloured glow on the sleek edges of the open kitchen and bar, the space is lit with a more modernised take on chic Parisian decor.

With a modern twist on its savoury delectables, Sheraton certainly have some hits with their rich and creamy Smoked Salmon Crouton, and my favourite, their Chicken and Avocado Croissant. The pastry itself had its perfect golden crunch with its airy dough on the inside. Paired with the perfect ratio of pulled chicken and thinly sliced avocado? I went for seconds. While there were some stunning and delicious bites, their Pulled Beef Mini Sliders lacked the appeal their other options had with its mute horseradish flavour (or other flavours at all) and its lack of textures made it undesirable to eat.

From the decadent Chocolate Royal Cake (one certainly for the chocolate lovers) through to the French Apple Tart, many of the desserts are made exclusively by Master Patissier, Louise MK Lee from The Crux and Co. True to his title, the standards of desserts are nothing short of perfection, and why desserts are The Sheraton’s strong suit in their Afternoon High Tea. Every piece looked more appetising than the next, the highlights being the Mango Mousse Cake, a cake so delicate, it feels like you’re slicing through thin air. With the added bonus of a perfect balance of flavours, the raspberry on top makes a flavourful mouthful of sweet and tart. Their Vanilla Pannacotta with Strawberry Jelly is a very close second, as the creamy dessert had just the right amount of acidity to cut through the sweetness.

Their spread of dessert doesn’t stop at their table of single-serve sweets. Other than the mandatory delectables of freshly made scones with jam, honey and cream, Sheraton have a crepe suzette station. Here, your delicious crepes designed by you are made fresh by the chefs during the service

The Sheraton Melbourne Hotel – Afternoon High Tea

Address: Level 1/27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Contact: (03) 9290 1000
Hours: Daily 3-5pm

Header image supplied and credited to Eugene Hyland. All other photos were taken by Katy Chamoun.