Review: Sōko delivers on promises of fresh, delicious seafood – Abbotsford (Melbourne)

With the peak of summer underway, you only have to go so far in Melbourne for that perfectly delicious and light meal, which 9 times out of 10 is the ever-reliable option of sushi. Open across two locations – Abbotsford and Sunshine – Sōko is one of the best choices out there for simple, flavoursome and fresh sushi.

Their recently launched delivery app – Sōko Japanese – also gives brings in the to enjoy premium sushi dishes without having to take a step outside. Just like their in-house menu, the choices are plentiful, offering everything from Nigiri Sushi and Miso Soup, through to Bento dishes that can reach any door within a 10km radius.

Taking a recent trip to their Abbotsford location, we found Sōko on the strip of Victoria St, nestled between various other eateries. As a place you’re more likely just to stumble across on a walk down the busy strip, Sōko’s wall-to-wall windows give the outside world a peek into their simple, rustic interior. Exposed brick walls and plants to line the front entrance play host to series small tables perfect for intimate meals, and a string of bar seating up against the open kitchen – a perfect view to watch the delicious magic happen.

The menu is extensive. Decide between picking your own meal from a list of bowls or teishoku sets, such as their Hainan Chicken Rice Bento ($20) or their Tempura Prawn Udon or Soba ($16) or, the more popular choice: grab a few items to share.


Starting with Sashimi Omakase ($25/55), a unique presentation of thinly sliced salmon, kingfish, prawn, tuna and an addition of akagai clam, beautifully topped with caviar. And like the nigiri from their Sushi Omakase Platter ($32/55) , the sushi tastes as just good as it looks. The hint of salt that lingers on the tongue reinforces the freshness that Sōko thrives on.

The Kingfish Carpaccio ($25) is stunning and full of flavour, thinly sliced kingfish topped with the unique combination of wasabi and cucumber gelato. A perfect pairing with the salty seafood and the small tingle from the mild wasabi, making the dish both ‘hot’ and cold.


Their Rocklobster Crispy Rice ($10) also deserves a mention. With an array of flavours, from rocklobster, squid, caviar, kabayaki mixed with a creamy spicy mayonnaise, sat on top of a crisp rice cake, giving you that satisfying crunch.

If seafood doesn’t tickle your fancy, Sōko provides many meat-based dishes of pork and chicken. Their Pulled Pork Bao ($15) is one of their most popular dishes. Full-flavoured, the tender pork drizzled in spicy teriyaki sauce, pickled jalapenos, placed in fluffy steamed buns, the combination is perfect. The spiciness of the jalapenos and teriyaki sauce paired with the fluffy sweetness of the bao is a match made in heaven.

Sōko Abbottsford

Address: 311 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30am – 11pm
Contact: (03) 8589 7668

Images supplied and credited to Jacinta Lippold.