Win $90 worth of BurgerFuel vouchers because you’re worth it CLOSED

NZ-based burger chain BurgerFuel have always kept it consistent when it comes quality quick-service burgers. Somehow the brand has always managed to escape the chain-shaming that burger fiends around Australia regularly partake in, and that’s largely due to these burgers actually being really f’n good (scoff down a American Muscle burger with some spud fries and you’ll agree). Recently, BurgerFuel have edged some new creations onto the menu, so to celebrate they’ve given us a few packets of vouchers (each valued at $90) to give away to you hungry readers.

American Muscle, BBQ Bacon Roadster, Cornflake Charger, C N Cheese, and the Ice Burger Donut are all new burgers which have launched on BurgerFuel menus throughout Australia. With these vouchers you’ll have until the end of the year to head along to try each at your leisure, for free. Each packet will contain 6 vouchers – 5 burgers and 1 dessert. Should you want some free burgs just fill out the form below by Friday 23rd September. Good luck!

BurgerFuel have Australian locations in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. For more information on the new burgers and to find BurgerFuel restaurants click HERE.