Recipe: Knuspriger Schweinebauch (Crispy Pork Belly)

With Oktoberfest celebrations not letting up anytime soon at either Munich Brauhaus or the many Bavarian Bier Cafes that dot Australia’s east coast it’s kind of called for that we tap into the German powerhouses for a traditional recipe, right? Around 2.5 tonnes of pork belly will be roasted and served with traditional crackling skin across these venues during the six weeks of their Oktoberfest celebrations, which run up to Sunday 30th October. So it makes sense that we grab their recipe for Knuspriger Schweinebauch, or crispy pork belly. The only downside of cooking one of these bad boys at home is that you probably won’t get to wash it down with the suggested pairing of Paulaner Original Munich Lager – that’s reserved for actually heading along to one of these stalwart bier houses.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipes: butterflied lamb leg with quinoa tabouli + lamb & feta burgers

Australian lamb is some of the best in the world. The meat also taps into the rich tapestry of cultures that have blended to make for the country’s consistently inventive and exciting food scene, so it’s little surprise that lamb is often seen, and used, as one of the ideal inclusions in any social feast. Seeing as it’s spring, the time when said social feasts usually take to breezy Australian outdoors, we thought we’d source a few recipes from Australian Lamb to help you prep a few simple winners.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipe: Root’d Spiced Panna Cotta

Melbourne-based wellness company Heal’ are edging into the market with a new spice mixture going by the name of Root’d. It’s an organic turmeric spice blend made with dandelion root, formulated after extensive research aimed at balancing taste with health, bringing together several certified organic herbs and spices to create an adaptable blend made of turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, coconut sugar, dandelion root, and chicory root. The vast scope of benefits include gut health, skin disorders, and infections, with many of the ingredients used for their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Suggested uses to come with the new product include simply adding it to tea for flavour, or going a bit bigger and creating dishes like this Root’d Spiced Panna Cotta which we have sourced the recipe for.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipe: Sokyo’s John Dory with black truffle

Take a good fish, add some flavour with smart use of good ingredients, and put truffle on it. Great, simple success. That seems to be Chase Kojima’s approach with this Sokyo dish which is being offered during Truffle Month at The Star. Each year through winter the immense property’s signature restaurants (which include Sokyo, Balla, BLACK by Ezard, and Pizzaperta) work with Australian truffles to offer special menus and degustation events, giving diners access to dishes such as this beauty, which we’ve sourced the recipe for. Have fun making this, and if you can’t quite get it right check in with Sokyo to see if they still have it on the menu.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipe: Marion Grasby’s Red-Braised Lamb with Egg Noodles

Celeb chef Marion Grasby, of Marion’s Kitchen fame, knows a thing or two about good home-cooked Asian food, with a particular focus on both contemporary and traditional dishes. Always one to celebrate family-style banquet dinners with her comprehensive recipe range, Marion has kindly provided us with her recipe for Red-Braised Lamb with Egg Noodles, just one of the essential dishes that you should consider preparing should you be looking to host a feast anytime soon, especially to celebrate Chinese New Year.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipe: Miguel Maestre’s BBQ Lamb Kofta with Beetroot Pita and Chargrilled Kale

As part of a promotion titled “A to Z of Mmmm” across Stockland’s 41 shopping centres in Australia, celebrity chef Miguel Maestre has come on board to inspire home cooks to learn from and engage with local food culture. To help this along, he will be rolling out several recipes, articles, and videos for Stockland, with his first being a juicy BBQ Lamb Kofta with beetroot pita and chargrilled kale.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipe: Flying Fish’s Stout Cake with Fermented Fig Jam and Pearl Barley Ice Cream

Acclaimed Sydney restaurant Flying Fish are in the midst of a menu change, preparing for autumn with a brand new range of tempting dishes. With food as stunning as that million dollar view at the Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont, the award winning restaurant remains one of the cities best and so we thought it’d be good to preview their new autumn menu with a dish from Executive Chef Stephen Seckold. This here is their Stout Cake with fermented fig jam, blackberries, and pearl barley ice-cream.... Read More | Share it now!

Recipe: Summer Strawberry Pie

Just try to keep your neighbours away when you bake up this bad boy. The summer strawberry pie has that look and feel that perfectly captures everyones favourite season; just try not to picture this cooling on a window sill and letting that freshly baked smell let everyone know that you’re the most valuable person on the block. Try this one out this summer and I guarantee your Facebook friend count will shoot up by at least 100.... Read More | Share it now!