The latest fusion food to hit Melbourne is a mix between a lemon meringue pie and a croissant

Joel Alderson (ex-Attica), who is the Executive Chef over at One Eleven in The Hotel Windsor, has been thinking a bit outside of the box when it comes to the limited edition freak-foods that have been steadily taking over Australia this year. This isn’t a doughnut milkshake, a cronut, a poutine burger, or a churro bowl; it’s a croissant meets a lemon meringue pie.... Read More | Share it now!

UberEATS are delivering free smashed avo around Australia this weekend

UberEATS seem to understand that torn feeling millennials now have to choose between saving for their very first home and tucking into a fund-draining, home-destroying smashed avo breakfast. The food delivery service, which recently launched all across the country is but the latest to weigh in on the #SmashedAvo debate that was sparked earlier this week when commentator Bernald Salt claimed that overpriced smashed avo dishes were preventing young people from saving for a home. ... Read More | Share it now!

Fancy Hanks team open Knuckles BBQ and Sandwiches Bar (Melbourne)

Bourke Street BBQ joint Fancy Hanks isn’t all that’s new for the business; sticking to their roots the team have seen an expansion these past few weeks, opening up a new concept opposite the Victoria Markets by the name of Knuckles BBQ Sandwiches & Bar. Gutting the original Queen Street location of Fancy Hanks, they have sharpened their focus on wood-smoked BBQ sandwiches, fried chicken, and sides after two successful years running under the original name. ... Read More | Share it now!

Scott Pickett has opened a deli and rotisserie at Queen Victoria Market (Melbourne)

Melbourne’s quintessential Queen Victoria Market has welcomed a deli and rotisserie from Estelle chef Scott Pickett, realising a life long dream for the renowned chef and restaurateur and bringing a high quality offering to the iconic marketplace. Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie is a European-styled deli which is open for hungry market goers through the week, operating long hours from 7am to 11pm with evenings bolstered by a wine-by-night bar... Read More | Share it now!

Collingwood’s historic Cromwell Manor is now STREAT’s flagship youth-training cafe and bakery (Melbourne)

Three years ago Geoff Harris, a key supporter of STREAT, purchased Collingwood’s beautiful Cromwell Manor for a cool $2.5 million with the aim of restoring the historical property and providing the youth-focused social enterprise with a flagship site. A little over a month ago, the result of steady planning has resulted in Cromwell STREAT, a new venue featuring a cafe, artisan bakery, coffee roastery, and youth training academy where programs have been put in place to train and support 365 youth each year to become baristas, chefs, and bakers. The immersive multidisciplinary venue also functions as a catering company and a space for private meetings, functions, and community activities which have so far included bike repairs, and community markets. ... Read More | Share it now!

World renowned macaron and tea house Ladurée is opening in Chadstone (Melbourne)

Luxury Parisian patisserie Ladurée, a business dating back to 1862, has finally unveiled their first expansion to the streets of Melbourne, bringing Chadstone one of its opulent tearooms. This is the third location for the renowned brand in Australia, following popular venues in Sydney’s Westfield and Woollahra, propping up as part of the huge Melbourne shopping destination’s $660 million redevelopment. ... Read More | Share it now!

Charlie Carrington opens “no rules” restaurant Atlas Dining in South Yarra (Melbourne)

22 year old Melbourne chef Charlie Carrington has taken inspiration from an eight month trip spanning 15 countries for his new – and very first – South Yarra restaurant Atlas Dining, hoping to channel vast influences from the likes of South American, North America, Europe, and Asia. A casual restaurant that constantly evolves with “no rules” is what Carrington has set out to achieve for Atlas, which is now just over a month into operation and gaining some huge traction on the scene, with the first iteration of the menu focusing on Vietnamese until the end of this year.... Read More | Share it now!

Juniperlooza: Melbourne’s riverside gin festival is back

After a successful outing last year, Melbourne’s premiere celebration of all things gin, Juniperlooza will head to Federation Wharf this November for its second time in Australia. Across two days, the weekend riverside festival will bring in a huge range of Australian and internationally crafted gins to champion one of the most loved and adaptable spirits in the world, with the help of a who’s who list of distilleries keen to top last year’s comprehensive showcase.... Read More | Share it now!

Paramount Pictures put an end to Melbourne’s Ron Burgundy bar before it even pops up

Heard about that Ron Burgundy themed pop-up bar taking over Melbourne next week? It was a kind of a big deal, that is until Paramount Pictures threw a trident right through those plans and split them in two. Turns out the film studio, which was behind both the original 2004 film and its sequel, required a high price for the rights to use actual Anchorman branding, something that made the planned temp-bar unfeasible for Bottoms Up Bartenders, the team behind it.... Read More | Share it now!