Wine is Coming: Game of Thrones themed wine festival “Game of Rhones” returns

After sell-out events across Australia and New Zealand last year, Game of Rhones will make it’s noble return as it tours Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, and Wellington once again this year across May, June, and July. Obviously inspired by HBO smash Game of Thrones (for which the season six trailer can be found HERE), this wine festival is a celebration of the classic grape varieties of the Rhone Valley in France, bringing in everything from Shiraz to Roussane in some of the best venues across the above cities for a wine festival to end all wine festivals.... Read More | Share it now!

Cumberbunnies: The Benedict Cumberbatch Easter chocolates you always dreamed of

Jen Lindsey Clark and her team over at UK-based Chocolatician seem obsessed with capturing Benedict Cumberbatch’s likeliness in all it’s deliciousness, last year proving themselves as a mix of Willy Wonka and Madame Tussauds with a Belgian chocolate modeled after the Brit actor, called the “Chocobatch”. Now they are taking things a little further with Easter coming up, taking their original creation and transposing it onto the holiday icon, a bunny. That’s right, Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bunnies are know a thing, and they are being named Cumberbunnies. Life is amazing.... Read More | Share it now!

Rekorderlig channel Blades of Glory for their first ever global campaign

Really sticking to their #BeautifullySwedish aesthetic, renowned premium cider brand Rekorderlig have launched a multi-layered social campaign ad that gives us a bit of an entertaining glimpse at Sweden’s famous Torneträsk lake from the perspective of two unlikely skaters named after the brand’s founders, Henrick and Anders. The skating duo perform a short routine choreographed by the behind-the-scenes team from classic Will Ferrell comedy Blades of Glory in a vast, icy setting soundtracked by an oddly calming version of “The Reindeer Herder’s Joik” by Jon Henrik Fjällgren.... Read More | Share it now!

Watch Action Bronson down some duck with legendary French chef Daniel Boulud in the latest episode of “Fuck, That’s Delicious”

New York emcee Action Bronson is just as deft in the kitchen as the studio, and he has been taking that knowledge of the culinary world and applying it to his latest web show with Munchies, “Fuck, That’s Delicious” for a few episodes now. The latest entry takes the effervescent rapper to meet one of the most legendary French chefs in New York, Daniel Boulud to sample the famed canard á la presse (pressed duck).... Read More | Share it now!